Cowhide decor ideas

Cowhide Decor Ideas: Cowhide Room Aesthetic

Cowhide works as an element in many decorating themes from cabin to kitschy. The term cowhide means different things to different people but we’re using it as a décor term describing any cow-themed element, whether print or solid. How do you use cowhide in your decor? You choose whether to use cowhide as an accent […]

Coquette aesthetic room decor ideas

Coquette Aesthetic Room: Ideas, Decor, & More

When watching Downton Abbey or another period drama, do you find yourself wishing that your bedroom evokes the romantic overtones of the women’s bedrooms on the show? If roses, rose petals, angels, hearts, and lace appeal to you, your vintage vibe makes you the ideal candidate for a bedroom décor using the coquette aesthetic. How […]

Chill room decor ideas

Chill Room Decor: Ideas, Aesthetic, & More

Choosing to decorate in the chill aesthetic means keeping in line with a pre-teen to early-teen bedroom theme that features colored lighting, daisy rugs, daisy-themed decor items, and bubblegum colors. This look also features themed posters, typically of favored bands, unicorns, or animals. How do choose which theme to use? Let us help by introducing […]

Kawaii room decor ideas

Kawaii Room Ideas: Decor, Aesthetic, & More

Kawaii style is all about being cute and playful. Pastel colors, adorable characters, and girly accessories often characterize it. We’ll explore some awesome Kawaii ideas below. What is Kawaii Decor? Kawaii originates from traditional Japanese society and is still widely used in contemporary Japanese culture and fashion. It’s also a minimalist aesthetic celebrated all over the […]

Grunge Room Decor Ideas

Grunge Room Decor: Ideas, Aesthetic, & More

Grunge room décor has become very popular with a variety of ages, including older Gen Xers who remember the rise and fall of grunge and younger Millennials and post-Millennials discovering this unique musical and cultural movement. Recreating that magic moment in time requires finding the best room décor items that produce a look and feel […]

Preppy Room Decor

Preppy Room Decor: Ideas, Aesthetic, & More

If you are looking for tasteful decor that makes you smile when you enter the room, we have an idea for you. Consider preppy room decor to brighten your day. Preppy and glamorous room decor is a touch whimsical and a touch sophisticated. Bright cheerful color combinations full of art and comfortable, heartwarming bedding combine to […]