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Chill Room Decor: Ideas, Aesthetic, & More

Choosing to decorate in the chill aesthetic means keeping in line with a pre-teen to early-teen bedroom theme that features colored lighting, daisy rugs, daisy-themed decor items, and bubblegum colors. This look also features themed posters, typically of favored bands, unicorns, or animals.

How do choose which theme to use? Let us help by introducing you to the teen chill décor.

What is Chill Decor?

Chill décor offers children and teens a décor option all their own. Typically used by girls, it features pink and lavender as its overarching colors. If you look at bubblegum, those paint colors pervade. The pastels of chill décor offer a peaceful surrounding for the individual’s formative years.

Elements of Chill

Besides the color scheme that looks like an Easter egg hunt all year long, chill uses daisies. The favored flower for “He loves me. He loves me not.” pervades this decorating scheme. Large throw rugs in the shape of daisies cover bare floors. These rugs can use a solid color or a yellow center with each flower petal using a different color, such as this example of chill decor.

Lamps used blacklight bulbs or colored bulbs, typically in pinks, violets, or blues. These lamps create thematic lighting in a room that features no normal lighting except that which enters through the windows.

Lighting extends to the walls, where neon lights with messages such as “chill” and “peace” hang, and small string lights stretch. These small strands of string lights use a typical length of five feet. Some feature clips that allow the child to attach photos or postcards to them to display on the wall. The photos may also use the color scheme, having a tint applied to them before printing.

Younger kids who choose this theme typically use beaded curtains to cover windows rather than sheers. A similar beaded curtain might cover the doorway between their bedroom and bathroom. Beads tend to feature daisies or unicorns.

Older teens may transition their chill décor to use a Boho chic look, replacing the daisy rugs with Boho round rugs. They may update their beaded curtains to those featuring wood beads in pink and tan or lavender and tan.

Color updates also pervade the older teen version of the chill room. They stick with the colorful theme but switch to a restful blue. Their photo display goes from a string display to a wall collage with an anchoring element such as their mirror.

This design shows a pictorial representation of a development period in their life when they draw heavily on friendship and peers. The mirror at the center represents the self and photo collages, like the one pictured, show the importance of their peers by surrounding the mirror.

Other wall décor includes tapestries and posters. Typically unframed, these tend to share a theme of horses, daisies, or unicorns for younger children, or bands and travel locations for older teens. Some teens choose an alt-chill theme that includes a blacklight rug and drug-themed posters. Only the subject matter of the posters changes, and the rest of the chill décor continues.

Furnishings and Accents

In chill décor, no furnishing goes uncovered without accents. Think of chill as synonymous with comfort. Every chair includes a throw pillow. Full-size pillows and throw pillows litter the bed.

Some chill décor fans choose a four-poster bed and surround it with filmy sheers to wall off the area. Layering bedding and decorating the wall inside the canopy with string lights and a collage of photos or posters creates a chill space inside the chill room.

Another option for this space inside the space uses a large tapestry hung above the bed with smaller tapestries on the walls around the bed. Note that this older teen room retains the lavender theme of younger years as an accent wall.

Although you rarely see chill décor used in adult households, this example shows how to update it for a modern, almost Art Deco look. This blend of Mid-Century Modern furniture blends with white walls and built-in bookcases above which art prints in bubblegum colors hang. On the adjacent wall hangs a set of neon lips instead of a neon word. Rugs use the same bubblegum colors but balanced with white, navy, and teal furnishings.

Where Do You Buy Chill Décor?

Because chill décor utilizes a youth movement that represents their coming of age, it doesn’t have a store or designers. You can shop for items to fit chill décor at most stores. Walmart and Target carry many of the furniture items pictured in most of the designs featured here.

Five Below offers rug options and string lights plus the unique lamps favored by those decorating with a chill theme. Dollar Tree offers some lighting options, such as strand lights and throw pillows.

The layered bedding used in chill décor includes sheets, comforters, throws, and duvets, plus big, fluffy pillows. Chill uses solid color bedding in bubblegum colors when designed for younger children, as well as daisy prints. It uses Boho-style prints for older teens. Find this bedding at

A chill room blends the elements of childhood and puberty. Although it may look quirky to an adult, it creates an oasis of comfort for a child or teen. The walls and furnishings – even the rugs – feature their favorite flower.

This romantic child’s décor illustrates their budding independence and establishes their style choices. As they move into their teen years and age, the subject matter of the chill theme typically changes, but the individual retains the lighting and much of the furniture. They might change the bedding though, to match their updated, maturing tastes.

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